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Who We Are

Our Story

The UBCO 3D Printing Club was originally established in 2017. The current executive team was established in 2019 and has run multiple events with the goal of widespread 3D printing access and knowledge. Despite the current global pandemic the UBCO 3D Printing Club is still dedicated to continue this goal in the upcoming academic years.

Meet The Team


Thomas Black

Team President

Thomas is a 4th year engineering student and was one of the first makerspace facilitators who aided in the establishment of the space.  He is incredibly passionate about 3D printing and how it can be used to help people across the globe so feel free to ask him about it if you see him around.

2020-07-11 06_edited.jpg

Logan Swett

Vice President

Logan is a 4th year mechanical engineering student minoring in computer science with a passion for 3D printing. Logan was one of the founding members of the 3D Printing Club in 2017 and took over as vice president in 2018. 


Spencer Carr

Head of 3D Printers

Spencer is a 4th year Arts student studying Computer Science and minoring in English and enjoys designing and printing functional objects in SolidWorks for use around the house. 


Brad Lorette

Vice President of Projects

Brad is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student with a passion for making. He loves mechanical design especially for 3D printing and has experience designing high pressure automotive gas storage systems from his co-op experience at Hexagon Agility. If you need help designing a part in SolidWorks Brad is always happy to help.


Alex Reebs

Head of Research

Alex is currently in her 3rd year of mechanical engineering. She loves animals (dogs are the only friends a person needs), reading, and hiking!

Diana Lab photo_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Diana Youssefian

Vice President External

Diana is in her 4th year of civil engineering and has a great passion for art and design. She also enjoys sports, philosophy, psychology, and playing the piano. 


Daniel Loeffeler

Executive of Finance and Lord of Archives

Daniel is currently in his 4th year of electrical engineering and has just completed a 12-month co-op at Greenlight Innovation. He loves animals (dogs are the only friends a person needs), reading, and hiking!

Previous Executive Members


Kiana Youssefian Sahzabi

Vice President of Projects

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