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We are excited to announce that this year, our team will be working on building a 3D printer!

One of the 3D Printing Club’s main initiatives this year is the independent creation of a 3D Printer, designed and built from scratch by the club. The resulting product will be truly unique – we’re making something that we can call our very own. The competition team, headed by Spencer Carr and Brad Lorette, is currently testing prototype configurations and variants of the planned printer in CAD software. Once a final design is decided upon and verified as viable, the team will work to develop and construct the printer’s electrical, mechanical, and software components before finally assembling each part of the printer together. The project is currently in the “modelling, testing, and verifying” stage of designing the printer; however, some aspects of its design have been decided upon.

















Our design is derived from the excellent Voron kit project (specifically, the Voron 2.4), although heavily modified and customized. The printer’s usable volume will be expanded to 300x300x600 mm, achieved through a redesign of the printer’s frame and structural components. Tool head movement will be achieved via an O-Drive controller linked to brushless DC Motors instead of stepper drivers and motors, allowing us to tune for extremely high print speeds. The tool head itself will be a dual extruder, likely a Bondtech BMG X2M, selected for its excellent 3:1 gearing ratio. Extruder one will be a Slice Engineering Mosquito, and Extruder two a Mosquito Magnum+; using all-metal hotends, along with hardened tungsten carbide nozzles, allows us to print with exotic engineering-grade materials in the future, while the selection of the extremely high-volumetric-flow Magnum+ is the key to unlocking the potential speed of our O-Drive motors. Finally, we are building with upgradability in mind; each of the hotends is water-cooled, allowing us to upgrade the design to an actively-heated build chamber in the future, allowing us to print true industrial and medical-grade materials.

To take part in this project, you can join the club! 

For more information, get in touch with our executive team!

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